Hello, I am Macy!

The Owners got me when I was just 3 months old. They bought me at a pet farm and the man who sold me to them said I am a Lab-Daschund mix (what??!!!). A week after my Owners brought me home, they noticed that I walked a little funny. They returned to the pet farm to purchase some doggie gates as they were toilet-training me and mentioned my funny gait to the man who sold me. His reply was, “If you are not happy with this dog, bring her back and I’ll exchange another one for you.” How mean! My Owners were flabbergasted and retorted “This is a dog you know, not a piece of garment!” (I love them so much for being such sweet beings)

My last vaccination was due and they brought me to the vet for a check up. The vet detected that I have hip and knee dysplasia and that it is highly likely it’s congenital since I was only 3 months old! The man who sold me should not be breeding my canine parents! Anyway, it was also highly unlikely that I am a Lab-Daschund mix since I am whiter than snow and my legs aren’t particularly short, nor is my body particularly long, thus it remains a mystery what sort of a mix I am! All I know is, I am one of a kind and you can find no other canine like me! 🙂



As you can expect, the Owners swore off ever buying a dog from a pet shop or farm ever again. So when they decided to get me a canine companion, they chose to adopt Rover from a local shelter.

Meet Rover! Her original name was Xiaobai, which means ‘white’, but it was sort of counterintuitive to call her Xiaobai when they have me, an even whiter dog! So they changed her name to Rover, a boy dog sounding name because she looks like a boy dog. Rover was found with a stray litter of puppies outside the German embassy of Singapore. She has about four other siblings. They all got adopted real quick and she was the last of the lot due to her timid nature. She also suffered a bout of tick fever and the kind shelter lady took her home to nurse her back to health. She is now a happy, quirky dog with awkward doggie antics and the owners always call her ‘dingus’. Wonder what that means…