Woohoo! Someone made another round of dehydrated treats for us again!

This time round, it’s lean pork with turmeric and parsley! Apparently turmeric has anti-inflammatory benefits and parsley helps our breath smell nice and fresh, not that I have bad breath or anything like that…


Cut up lean pork into thin slices. Mix with turmeric powder and chopped parsley.


We waited 12 hours for this yummy goodness.


Of course Rover and I had to keep a watchful eye over our treats…

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However, 12 hours later, well… I fell asleep… and Rover got to taste test the yummy treat!

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Processed with VSCO with ke1 preset

Don’t tell Rover this… she looks like a piglet here! Or maybe I’m just sore that I fell asleep and missed out on the tasting… hmph!