This year is the lunar year of the Dog! This means that Rover & I are extra-welcome in homes and we get to collect some ang pows too! Woohoo!


Olly came over to ‘bai nian’ with us!

That’s my doggie cousin, Kimmie, which I know you don’t recognise coz she had to get her fur shaved to deal with some skin issues.

Rover looking happy in this pic because she just received an ang pow!

I really only wanted to spend my time looking out of the gate, but ended up being stuck with babysitting duties! Pfft!

It’s a MUST to visit Mandy’s coz of all the delicious treats she dishes out… and I get to meet up with my fur friends too!

Happy Lunar New Year hoomans!

By the way, most of the dogs in this last picture were adopted from Blk 2 Furever Canine. That’s where Rover came from too! They are all real good pups just like me!