Practically every Singaporean dog gets to go to Tanjung Beach right? Wrong!

Every time someone ‘jios’ the Owner to bring us to the beach, her response is always “But Macy will end up looking like muah-chee in the sand!” How rude!

So after much thought and planning, she finally decided to bring us to Sentosa! Yay!

2018-01-24 14.25.31

Rover can’t go off-leash, nenenibubu!

2018-01-24 13.13.38

On the way to the beach!

2018-01-24 20.28.06

Of course, every event is an excuse to take a selfie with your dog huh! Side note, doesn’t Rover look like a piglet here? >.<

2018-02-01 07.18.00-742018-02-01 07.18.00-85