The owners decided to adopt another dog to keep me company. Everyone, please welcome, Rover!


The Owner adopted Rover from Blk 2 Furever Canine. They noticed how I pulled desperately towards other dogs I meet on my walks, thus decided that I really really want a canine companion. Yippee!

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After the Owners’ experience of getting me from a pet farm, they decided it was much more ethical to adopt their next canine family member instead of shopping for one.

(This part onwards was written about 2 years after Rover came home with us):

There are many dog shelters in Singapore and many dogs looking for a furever home. Please consider giving them a chance. They make great furry companions and one really need not look far to find that perfect match.

Here’s what to expect when you first bring an adopted dog home:

  1. He/she WILL BE NERVOUS! Please, it is an entirely different environment after all! Rover was hiding in a corner of the house and couldn’t relax until about a week after she came home with us. She had bloodshot eyes because she refused to sleep. Whenever friends visited us, she would hide under the table and tremble.
  2. Be prepared. Keep windows closed, use baby gates to block off access to the door and leave the leash on. See, on Day 2 of Rover coming home, she managed to slip out of the door when we opened it to bring the trash out. Thankfully we managed to chase her down, caught hold of her leash and brought her home! For a good month after that, the Owners kept a baby gate up to block of any future attempts to slip out. Remember point 1, Rover was terribly anxious in a new environment and her instinct was to slip off whenever she spots an opportunity.
  3. Be patient. Owner Bay was initially upset that he could not get to sit near Rover without her getting up to walk away. Rover also rejected any treats they had (much to my delight!) as she was more fearful than greedy. Owner Yeo, however, was a lot more patient. She would take her time to sit about a metre away from Rover, and got up to walk away after a while. The next time she went to sit near Rover, she’d sit a little closer. It still took them a whole two to three months before they could pat Rover without Rover moving away.
  4. Walk the same route for the first month. About 3 weeks after Rover came, the Owners were dropping me off at the groomers downstair when they accidentally dropped Rover’s leash. She bolted! Rover was already terrified being in a confined shop space with other yapping dogs, so when the leash fell, she ran off. THANKFULLY, the Owners have been walking us on the same route for the past few weeks! Rover ran down the road, made a turn and backtracked on our walking route and eventually ran back to the guard post of our apartment and sat in front of the glass door panting hard. I guess it was the only route she knew after weeks of walking that same path.
  5. Your efforts will pay off! Rover is now every bit as spoilt as I am. She merrily jumps onto the Owners’ bed whenever they are not home, whines for food when it is meal times and is always delighted to greet them when they come home. Friends have also remarked that she is so much more confident and friendly.

Adopt, don’t shop. At the end of this post are a list of all the shelters you can check out to adopt your next fur family.

2018-01-10 21.36.10

Rover comfortably tucked in her bed


A happy and confident doggie

List of dog shelters in Singapore:

  1. Blk 2 Furever Canine
  2. ASD
  3. SOSD
  4. SPCA
  5. Animal Lovers League
  6. Causes for Animals
  7. Oasis Second Chance Shelter